• It's launched!

    Finally, my new 'I tell stories' blog page has launched. All very exciting and scary at the same time. Well, I like it anyway..!

    You can find it at http://kayevincent.wordpress.com and I'd be ecstatic if you would be kind enough to take a peek and follow. I hope to add a few anecdotes along the way, some creative tips based on my own experiences as a writer and the occasional news flash when I release a new book or plan an event.

    My website here will still run of course, as it contains my writing history, including musical theatre collaborations as well as my book endeavours. So I'll continue to update these content pages, but blogs will now be posted at the new 'I tell stories' site.

    Looking forward to seeing you there...



  • New blog page coming soon...

    It's taken a while I know, but my new blog site will be here in the next fortnight. With a first blog and many more to come. I have had a busy start to the autumn, which is all good - we like busy! But the blogging had to hold for a while. Looking forward to getting back to this and sharing a few anecdotes along the way. Hope you'll join me...watch this space, literally. I will be launching the new blog along with fresh author branding by the lovely Patty from Monkeypaw. Tatty-bye for now and back before you know it...



  • On the radio!

    Wee interview tomorrow morning (Weds 1st Aug) on Radio Northampton, in the UK. My local station and shouldn't be nervous, but feel like I should be swotting. Then again, what to swot? I'll be talking about my own work and if I can't answer questions on that, there's no hope really! Will try to remember three important things, the name of my book, my name and to smile (very important on the radio). There...all set.



  • What's up?

    I know, I know...not much going on here lately. Really sorry, but good reasons and thought I'd fess up today. I like this site as a static site, but as a blog, well... it has limitations. So, keeping this as a record of all my writing work, but starting a new blog page soon, with author branding and everything (...get her!). The new blog will focus on my book writing, life as an indie author and how my creative impulse tends to get me into trouble. Lots of new ideas for posts being noted, but no time to write them all until the new platform's up and running.

    In the meantime I've just published The Treeman through Smashwords to reach further e-book formats (just waiting for that to push through the final checks for wider distribution, but you can find the new formats directly through Smashwords already, at: www.smashwords.com/books/view/206650

    I've also been busy at the sequel, called The River Girl, which is coming along just dandy. Very pleased as I had an epiphany moment last week, where all the loose ends decided to start knotting together. Love it when a plot starts to like itself - it's like the basic web that you've woven in your head begins to throw out threads on its own and take over. Soon your brain is full of pathways that never existed before. Hmm...feel a full blog post might develop out of that one!

    So busy times, but I will be back soon. Starting to get the hang of all this I think!



  • The creative impulse goes too far!

    Yes, it's lovely being creative and all that. But it can get you into such trouble...

    I am finally able to call myself a professional writer, not merely because I've now published a book, The Treeman (and actually sold a couple!), but because I've also spent the last two years writing for a charity. Namely the rather wonderful Motor Neurone Disease Association in the UK, otherwise known as the MND Association. The combined effort of writing by day for the charity and by night for my fictional work enables me to eat, live,help make a difference and keep my creative spirit satisfied. A pretty happy existence all round (although a sneaky part of me would love just one full day a week for the fiction! The twilight hours find me not quite so sparky as during the sunshine, though there's precious little of the yellow stuff here in Britain at the moment...)

    So where does all this creativity 'cause a problem then? Well, it creeps into everything, niggling away with its persistent wee egotistical cries of 'Feed me!' until I cave in or burst. And when a creative idea takes hold it seems to become a bit obsessive.

    The latest epic was at the MND Association, where we're currently running a campaign called A Month of Optimism during June, to raise both awareness and funds http://bit.ly/JiLlek As a part of this we have focused on cake as a particularly optimistic and spirit raising substance! So, having invited the nation to 'Bake MND History' the Association felt a need to join in with their own staff cake competition across the month. Our work at the Association is always passionate and filled with purpose, but the prospect of a creative competition really did pep up the last three Fridays! Yummy. Three rounds of cake baking have now been accomplished, although you'd be hard-pressed to find any evidence remaining...not even a crumb.

    And guess what? Yep. Myself and my other team member, Paula, won our round.

    Why, that's fantastic you may cry! ...Oh no it isn't. Creative ambition turned our cake entry into a mega-cake which took each of us three separate evenings to build. We could have produced a nice simple sponge with jam and cream, but oh no... A fully themed monster reared its head and threw out a dare. I blame Paula completely for not saying a nice firm 'No.'

    It was a military campaign, fought and won with flour bombs, lemon zest and extreme frosting. We made a treasure chest of optimism (really), full of Spanish doubloon cupcakes topped with gold fondant coins, each bearing a word of hope. And I have to say this...we did good. It was magnificent. A triumph of good intent for the charity and a beacon of everything optimistic (optimism being particularly high as neither of us ever bakes!!!).

    Trouble is, having won our round, we're now in the final of the competition and have to do the whole thing all over again. Oh dear. I'm feeling a bit Bree Van de Kamp - as in desperate. And now expectation is riding high. We've quite possibly been hoist by our own petard (note the military term petard...keeping the references consistent here). I can however, quite happily tell you that the creative buzz will not be repeating itself in piratical form again. Not this time. Three evenings on one cake is is, by anyone's standards, a tad OTT.

    So watch this space as I will report back on the grand finale next week, in true Stepford Wife style. But chests and doubloons have now had their full exposure. (Although I may need to include this episode into my next book...cakes and Hanningdon work well together - Maeve Brigham will be very happy.)

    And to give you all a glimpse of the dastardly cake that got this author into such a mess....(yes, even the antique brass lock is edible)...........



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